Covid-19 Protocol - Updated August 25, 2021

We follow the Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings. Some guidelines are in quotes and other items are our procedures.

“Child care guidelines were carefully considered alongside the updates for K-12 (during school). At this time the BC Centre for Disease Control has not recommended changes to the Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings…With widespread vaccination and other effective health and safety measures in place, child care centres continue to be lower-risk settings for COVID-19 exposure. Child care staff should continue to follow the health and safety measures outline in public health guidance, including frequent hand washing, daily health checks and implementing enhanced cleaning processes.

“Child care staff should continue to wear masks when interacting with adults indoors in areas where physical distancing can’t be maintained.”

Staff / Children
* all our staff have been fully vaccinated
* preschool staff wear masks…children wear masks as best they can
* we wear masks in common DLG space during school hours…it is an option in our office
* masks are optional for children and staff in the Before and After School programs

Parents / Caregivers Enter

* Before School program: enter parking lot door into girls’ basement
* After School programs:
- Explorer Club (Kindergarten / grade 1) enter boys basement for Room 120
- Adventure Club (grades 5 to 7) enter boys basement for Room 119
- Discovery Club (grades 2 to 4) enter girls basement door in parking lot for lunchroom

Parents / Caregivers Protocol at Sign-In and Sign-Out
* wear a face mask when entering the school
* keep social distance from other adults
* do not enter play areas: Room 119, Room 120, the lunchroom and the gym…staff will bring your child to you; if you have problems you can ask an office staff to help get your child.
* if you are in the boys’ basement and want to visit our office in Room 118 please walk outside and re-enter the school through the parking lot door into the girls’ basement.

Hand Washing
* children wash hands: arriving at the centre, after outdoor and gym play in addition to regular hand washing times
* hand sanitizer is available if proper hand washing is not accessible
* children are allowed to bring their own hand sanitizer but it is not to be shared

Health Check / If Your Child is Sick
* please complete the Health Check form and return it to our office
* a child who is sick must stay at home
* a child who displays any symptoms of COVID-19 or symptoms similar to the common cold will be isolated in our office and will be expected to go home immediately.

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